AppMaker Overview


AppMaker from Render Plus Systems is a Portal for quickly creating Apps for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices using the content of your existing web site.

By incorporating content from your existing web site, it is quick and easy to make an App which will help you communicate with your customers better. You can design and create you App on your own, and with the help of your web page designer, without having to invest in expensive, time-consuming App development.

AppMaker is used for:

  • Retail Businesses – such as Restaurants and Bars – who want to quickly create their own Apps
  • Companies who need to communicate with clients
  • Boutique Stores who want their clients to stay informed about new

An easy to create, but powerful Mobile App from AppMaker is perfect for you if:

  • Your Clients would like to be notified about Specials, sales or Events.
  • Your Clients would easily like to visit your web site.
  • Your clients would like to easily view Specials or Events.
  • Your clients would like to sign up for newsletters and view recent newsletters.
  • You want your clients to know that you are up to date with the latest technology
  • You want to get started at a minimum cost, with the ability to grow later

It sounds easy and it is.

  • Just select the pages from you website which you want to feature, assign a label to each, and you are done.

Start Designing you App now.

  • For a Quick Preview – you can create up to 6 views for your by logging in as “– SAMPLE –”. These Sample Apps are not saved on the AppMaker Server, and cannot be viewed on a mobile device, but will give you a good idea, from your browser, of how the process works. Click here – QuickPreview – and login as “– SAMPLE –”. Then click “Define App’ to design you App.

Can I see a Sample?