AppMaker Pricing

You can use the AppMaker App to quickly prototype you own App, and then we can create the IOS and ANdroid Apps and put them in the App stores for you.

Basic Pricing



Basic App Creation

Feature Basic Plan – $24.99 per month Pro Plan – $49.00 per month
Use Pages from your Web Site to define the App Yes – up to 20 pages Yes – unlimited pages
Send Push Notifications to your clients Yes – up to 10 per month Yes – unlimited notifications
Use Filters to remove Headers and Footers(Works with most web site pages) Yes Yes

Additional Features

  • Create iPhone/iPad App using the Render Plus IOS License $250.00
  • Create iPhone/iPadApp using your own IOS License $300.00
  • Create Android App $200.00
  • Server Access for your App $180.00 per year after first year.

Additional Features

  • Push Notification $100.00 per year plus $10.00 per “push” sent.
    Let’s you push announcements such as sales, specials, etc. to your App users
    Your users see the notifications whether they are currently running your App or not.
  • Email Registration – $100.00 per year.
    Either require all users to register by email, or make it an option (e.g. Sign up for our Newsletter)
    You can download list of all users who register for your App
  • Content Filters- $100.00 per year
    You can filter out content from your web site pages – e.g. headers, footers, etc.
  • MailChimp Registration – – $100.00 per year
    Each Email Registered will automatically be added to a MailChimp email list of your choosing.
    Allows you to send them welcome emails, newsletters, etc.