Why should have have your own Mobile App?

An easy to create, but powerful Mobile App from AppMaker is perfect for you if:

Your Clients would like to be notified about Specials, sales or Events.

When you send notifications, clients get them even if their mobile device is turned off or even if they are not actively running your App.

By scheduling notifications to be sent later, you can ensure that your clients get them at the optimal time.

Your Clients would easily like to visit your web site.

It is much easier to load your web pages, etc. by clicking on your App from their mobile desktop.

Your clients would like to easily view Specials or Events.

A simple click in the App automatically shows current and past special, events or other notifications.

Your clients would like to sign up for newsletters and view recent newsletters.

Easy, in-App registration lets you clients manage their subscriptions.

Your past blogs and newsletters are easily viewed just by loading the App.

You want your clients to know that you are up to date with the latest technology

Combining your web site, Facebook, Twitter and other social media into an App tells your clients that you care about them.

You want to get started at a minimum cost, with the ability to grow later

Your first AppMaker App is easy to set up, easy to publish and easy to distribute.

You can add much more to it later after you get feedback from your clients.

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