Getting Started

Start Designing you App now.

Quick Preview or Register for full design

For a Quick Preview – you can create up to 6 views for your by logging in as “– SAMPLE –“. These Sample Apps are not saved on the AppMaker Server, and cannot be viewed on a mobile device, but will give you a good idea, from your browser, of how the process works. Click here – QuickPreview – and login as “– SAMPLE –“. Then click “Define App’ to design you App.

To Register your potential App, click here: Register. You will be asked for an App Name, email address, etc. You can set up a full which which you can preview on your iPad or iPhone, and use to test Push Notifications.

Define App

The App is defined by specifying labels, URLs and Filters for each button.

AppMaker Define

Label – this appears on the menu area to the left of your App

URL – full URL of page to load

Filter – leave blank to show the full page including menu and headers.

– Set to All to apply all current filters. This will remove the header and menu for may pages. If it does not work for you we will work with you to try to find a filter to remove unwanted items. This is easy for most, but not all pages.

Push Notifications – If you have registered your App, you can download AppMaker to your iPhone or iPad and use it to test your App and to test push notifications.

Learn more: Push Notifications